Next Level Nation | Events
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Next Level Nation’s Upcoming Events


Next Level Nation is built on community which is why we love hosting events to refresh and celebrate. We’ve got several events in store, and we’re inviting you to participate in the following two of our upcoming events.

Step Up for Students Scholarship is now accepting renewal applications for the 2020-2021 school year and so are we! You can visit Step Up’s website at for more information. And don’t forget to apply to Next Level Nation Academy for your student! We serve Kindergarten through Eighth grade. 

Coming Soon! March 1, 2020. New families can apply for scholarships! Contact our office for more information. 727-239-7016.

We also accept the following scholarships:

Step Up for Students               McKay            FES (Family Empowerment)              FTC (Florida ax Credit)           HOPE           Reading